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P7044 multi-line &  P7044 single-line


P7044ML: P7044 multi-line

P7044ML is a multi-line 4K resolution linear CMOS image sensor with 7um pixel pitch. The sensor supports both 4line RGBW and 2line Bayer mode. Monochrome version and NIR enhanced version of P7044ML can be provided upon request.

P7044SL: P7044 single-line

P7044SL is a single-line 4K resolution linear CMOS image sensor with 7.0um squared pixel. P7044SL can achieve 178KHz line rate.

P7044 does have on chip ADC, PLL and timing generation. It is possible to config ADC between 12-bit and 10-bit, and LVDS output channel between x16, x8 and x4. Both external and internal trigger mode supported, make it easy for system integration. Ceramic package make it high reliable for industrial application. P7044 pipelined global shutter pixel with true CDS make it low noise, low PLS and high sensitivity, suitable for logistics, food sorting, and other machine vision application.




Logistics sorting / Food inspection/ Solar cell inspection / Machine vision
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