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P7028 multi-line & P7028 single-line


P7028ML: P7028 multi-line

P7028ML is a 2K resolution (Multi-Line) line scan CMOS image sensor with 7.0um global shutter pixel with true CDS. 4K resolution with 3.5um pixel, 1K resolution with 14um pixel supported. Multiple color mode supported and configurable by SPI upload. P7028ML can support up to 16-line mono pixel. Analog gain is configurable for each line, and up to 4 exposure time can be configured between lines. High sensitivity, low noise and low PLS which make this sensor suitable for logistics sorting, printing inspection, industrial inspection and other machine vision applications.

P7028SL: P7028 single-line

P7028SL is a 2K resolution (Single-Line) CMOS image sensor with 7.0um squared pixel with true CDS. Single-Line and Dual-Line 1K resolution with 14um pixel supported. P7028SL achieves 270KHz line rate with 0.7W power consumption.




Logistics sorting / Railway inspection / Industrial inspection / Print inspection
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